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The Community Chest Board of Directors is comprised of individuals dedicated to volunteering their time to help those in need. That is the essence of our “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” program. 

Cal Nathan, President, is passionate about helping others and feels that giving back is an important part of his dedication to community. Cal has chaired many committees over his years serving on our Board, including the 5K Run/Family Walk, the Marketing/Communications committee, and the “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” benefit too. Cal was born and raised on the South Shore of Long Island and lives in Woodmere with his wife and children. “I am proud of all that we have accomplished to date, and know that the next decade will allow Chest to continue investing to make a difference and leading with kindness to make an impact within our community.”

Eric Keslowitz, Chairman, has served Community Chest South Shore in various capacities throughout many years of involvement, as Board Chairman, following many years as President and board member.  For Eric, there is a special feeling of victory after each successful event, including the 5K Run, Annual Fair and basketball tournament, while working alongside a great team. The efforts of the “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” program cannot be matched because there is no better satisfaction than knowing Community Chest has helped a neighbor in need.

Until she attended the first Annual Dinner, Trudi Haberman, Vice President, never realized how many people need help in the community where she lived all her life. She was hooked on Chest at that event, and from that moment knew she had to be part of a great initiative where neighbors reach out to neighbors in need. The people at Community Chest give to the Five Towns and the surrounding areas with a full heart. Trudi is thrilled and honored to serve on the Board of Directors.

Amy Epstein, Vice President, is truly honored to serve on the executive board of the Community Chest South Shore.  The organization strives for the betterment of the entire community. With the sponsorship of activities such as the 5K Run/Family Walk and the Annual Fair, and by maintaining an extremely active youth board, Chest engages its neighbors. People of all ages, races and religions participate, feel welcomed and help by extending a financial olive branch to neighbors in need.  Amy hopes to serve on the Chest board for many years to come.

Jacqueline Kaminer, Vice President, is proud to be on the executive board of Community Chest, thanks to one of the organization’s fearless leaders and a dear friend, Eric Keslowitz. Jackie and her husband Ron were so impressed with Eric’s efforts and accomplishments in the community that they wanted to experience the same sense of fulfillment.  As the Youth Board Advisor, Jackie is privileged to work with kids, which she enjoys tremendously! Chest represents a dynamic camaraderie of individuals who are about spreading goodness; enhancing a sense of community through its core value…helping others!

Community Chest South Shore is an organization that allows Craig Spatz, Vice President, to feel he’s given back to those less fortunate. It gives him happiness when he sees Community Chest is able to help feed and clothe families. Over the past 18 years it has been a rewarding experience for Craig to serve as Past President, Chairman, and board member.

Steven Schlaff, Secretary, and his wife Susan moved from Belle Harbor to the Five Towns in 1982 and have raised three children here. Steven has served on the board of directors of various charities and organizations, and in 1990, joined the Board of Directors of the Community Chest, a local charity that fulfills the health and human services needs of the community. He served as Campaign Chairman, Secretary, Vice President, President, and Chairman of the Board. Susan Schlaff was mayor of one of the local villages for over 19 years. Taking care of the community is central to the Schlaffs’ lives.

Adam Kaufman, Secretary, a resident of Woodmere, lives with his wife Shari and their three children. He began work with Community Chest South Shore as a pro bono legal advisor and is now a member of the Board of Directors. in 2003, he formed Adam B. Kaufman and Associates, PPLC where is a Managing Member. Adam volunteers at his children’s school and in his spare time, enjoys playing the guitar and singing with friends around a camp fire.

Steven Liebman, Treasurer, has been proud to serve as Vice President, Treasurer, Fair and Marketing Chair.  He always works to keep his eye on the bottom line and looks for “out of the box” ways to raise funds for the organization”.  Planning outings to hit Broadway shows has become a labor of love because the concept serves to bring the Chest board together, gets the name out to the public and earns income for Community Chest South Shore.

Shortly after joining the Board of Directors it was evident to Raquel Israel, Campaign Chair, that her true calling was organizing the “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” program.  She first served on the committee and that evolved into chairing the event.  You cannot imagine the gratification one experiences when hundreds of community members respond to our call to action on behalf of our Neighbors in Need.

Sheryl Bouzaglou and her husband Sam and their 3 children have always been active in supporting the community. Sheryl has been on the “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”: Neighbors in Need Annual Evening and devotes time to helping others in local high schools. Sheryl believes in giving back to the community that allows her to make a difference in someone’s life. She teaches Special Education in Lawrence and is proud to be on the Community Chest South Shore Board of Directors.

As inspector of the Nassau County Auxiliary Police Danny Gluck leads the largest volunteer police unit on Long Island.  He takes his responsibility very seriously as he maintains a safe 5K Run/Walk course, a secure Fair environment, parade routes and any special event Community Chest or the local Villages produce. His actions exemplify “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”.

Lee Israel has seen the positive effects of genuine caring and the difference it has made in people’s lives while serving on the Board of Community Chest South Shore.  The organization is dedicated to the long term welfare of the South Shore communities by supporting those who need it most. Lee is proud to be associated with this organization and all that it represents. He welcomes all that feel the same to take action, get involved and be part of something truly good.

Being a Community Chest South Shore board member for many years has allowed Ronald Kaminer to be part of the most important aspect of the organization: giving.  Through funds raised by Chest’s endeavors, the community has been reached and many lives have been changed. Ron is proud to be part of this special organization and he looks forward to seeing all the great things it can do for the community for years to come.

Diane Rattner is a lifelong resident of the Five Towns area and a 2nd generation member of the Community Chest South Shore Board. Her parents were both involved in Chest in the 1960s and 70s.  She first joined the Board of the Special Events Division in the 90s. Although she left the Board for a period of time, the organization was always important and she always supported efforts to help the community.  Diane is back now and is thrilled to be part of the “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” initiative-it is truly what Community Chest is all about.

For almost two decades Arthur Robbins’ family has joined him in his efforts to produce the annual youth board basketball tournament.  Teaching the young students the meaning of community service is an added bonus to this great event.  The teams and participants come and go, but the tournament’s results continue to help build character through friendly competition while raising funds for Community Chest South Shore and the Adam Barsel Memorial scholarship Fund.

Although new to the Community Chest South Shore family, Michelle Schornstein couldn’t be prouder to be involved with an organization whose purpose it is to help those in the community who are less fortunate. As a longtime resident of the Five Towns, Michelle feels an obligation to give back to the community that has given her family so much.  The best way to fulfill that obligation is through the “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” program which is an invaluable resource to those in the community who have fallen on hard times. There is no greater satisfaction for Michelle than knowing she’s helped make a difference.

As a 15 year resident of the Five Towns, Alexa Almonte is both honored and proud to be a board member of Community Chest, an organization that provides help and assistance to the members of our community – a community that she loves and one that has provided great opportunities to her, her children and her family. She looks forward to continuing to serve her neighbors and contributing to the betterment of the lives of those in need.

Steve Weinrib is a passionate entrepreneur with strong ties to giving back. He has been active in many local charities for as many years as he can remember, being born and raised in Woodmere. Steve, together with his wife Tamar and their family reside locally in the 5Towns.

Professionally, Steve has founded and grown Thryve Capital, a b2b finance company with a special focus on providing working capital to small business owners nationwide. As a champion of small business owners, Steve is dedicated to helping them survive, thrive and succeed.

Steve holds an M.B.A in finance from Hofstra University, Frank Zarb School of Business but more importantly, an entrepreneurial degree from the school of “hustle & learn”. In his spare time, Steve can be found dreaming of sushi, surfing waves on the beaches of NY, or spending time with his 4 awesome kids.


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